-HISTORY: Calella is a town of around 20.000 people, which is placed in a region called “Maresme”, close to barcelona. It isan open city with sea and mountain that receives people coming from around the world with high cultural wealth. -PLACES TO BE VISITED there are interesting things which attack the people to visit this wonderful destination: the mayor's house, the lighthouse, the church, the Spoilt Towers, ours commercial street ( pedestrian street called Església), the museum, our large golden beaches… Lighthouse: Looking at the south of the city from beach, we will see the lighthouse of Calella on a hill. The lighthouse of Calella was buit in 1859 and belongs to the best viewpoints to the city together with popular Spoit Towers. Inside we find a cultural treasure, it is a museum opened to everybody with information about how this building was built. The Spoilt Towers. Sloping up the hill where is placed the lighthouse, we reach the Spoilt Towers, They were built in 1985 for optical communication with other towers of neighboring towns, whose use was to know if troops were coming to the city. It is a privileged place to see the city in a panoramic way. Commercial street. No one leaves Calella without walking across the city through the pedestrian street called Església (or church in English). In this street, the second longest of Calella, there are a lot of shops where you might buy whatever you want, front food and clothes to souvenirs.                                                                                               *more information: www.calella.cat
- HOW TO ARRIVE Calella can be reached by different means of transportation thanks to its geographic situation. It is placed between Girona and Barcelona. To 50 km from each city. By car, Calella can be reached through the N-II road or the C32 highway. It is also possible to come to Calella by public trasport such as train ( RENFE - R1 ), which links the airport ( El PRAT ) with Barcelona, Calella and Girona. The exellent geographic situation  of Calella produces that people can arrive to town by both the airport of Barcelona and the aiport of Girona. *more information: www.calella.cat
-HOTELS NEAR TO BLAMES DENTAL CLINIC: It is possible to find different hotels around the dental clinic -Hotel Balmes *** to 230m from dental clinic Road/ Balmes nº 123   08370 Calella. -Hotel Continental ** to a 240m from dental clinic. Road/ Cervantes nº 105   08370 Calella. -Hotel Volga ***plus to a 350m from dental clinic. Road/ Jovara nº350   08370 Calella.
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