-CONSERVATIVE AND RESTORING ODONTOLOGY: It consists of preventing and curing caries. When a caries or a cavity appears, conservative and restoring odontology eliminates the affected tissue and rebuilds the tooth. Dental Hyperesthesia treatment. -ENDODONTICS: This procedure is also known as “killing the nerve of the tooth”. The tissue is removed and a root canal treatment is applied using a hot thermoplastic material. -PERIONONTICS: It’s about the health of the gums and disease prevention and prevents diseases that directly affects the gums. Sensitivity and looseness of the tooth and bleeding while brushing you teeth are signs of gum disease. -DENTAL IMPLANTS: The aim of a dental implant is to replace the lost root of your tooth in order recover function and esthetics. It is carried out using local anesthesia. -ORAL SURGERY: Diagnosin and treating different kind of diseases, contusions and defects in teeth, jawa, and soft tissues. Most usual procedures: removing of teeth ( wisdon teeth inclued), grafts, etc... -DENTAL PROPHYLAXIS: It is the base our oral health, as oral hygiene ensure the health of your teeth and gums. we carry out dental plaque controls, fissure sealing, and teeth cleaning with cavitron flow air. -DENTAL AESTHETICS: Tooth whitening through using hydrogen peroxide or carbamide. Bright dental is obtained thank to transparent crystals fixed to teeth. It doesn’t demage teeth.                    -FIXED AND REMOVABLE PROTHESIS: When one or more dental pieces have lost masticatory function, or the have been removed, they can be replaced by a dental prothesis (fixed o removable).
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